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We bring Amazon Web Service consulting and Amazon Alexa Skill development services for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

We Are Alexa Skill Specialist

Any connected device with a speaker and microphone can get a "brain" through the Applogy Alexa skill development services. By enhancing your company's flexibility, agility, and response times, Alexa and other Amazon Web Services created by The Applogy can also enhance customer experience. Whatever your idea, The Applogy's Amazon Alexa developers can work with you to find a voice-activated solution to advance your company.

Voice-Enabled Assistant

Intelligent personal assistants are new and unique types of products marketed by Amazon.

Ordering Online

You can place any online order with Amazon Alexa's built-in features.

Control Smart Home

You can develop smart homes and other goods that users of Alexa can operate.

Find My Phone

You can quickly call your lost phone from Alexa without syncing all your contacts with Find My Phone.

Alexa Guard

The Alexa Guard feature on Echo devices is an extra set of eyes and ears for your house when you're not there.

Read Emails

Alexa can now read email messages. You could also ask Alexa to delete or archive.

Make Skype Calls

Alexa gained the ability to make a call on skype.

Set reminders

With the customer's consent, you can set a reminder for a specific time.

Hands-free to-do list

Your compatible smartphone can access Alexa using Alexa Hands-Free or Alexa Push-to-Talk.

Emergency assistance

When you or someone else in your home says, "Alexa, call for help," Alexa attempts to contact your emergency contact.

You Name It, We Build It.

Over the years, The Applogy has served a number of grateful clients, including the Residential Real Estate Council, a Chicago-based company that is a pioneer in real estate networking and education. The Council approached The Applogy in need of a different method to assist their users in searching among more than 33,000 agents based on region, language, sectors, and agent designation. The Applogy was able to offer The Council the chance to let their consumers easily browse residential real estate agents with a voice-enabled search thanks to a custom Alexa directory application named "Find a CRS." Happy home searching!

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Our Non-Disclosure Agreement completely protects your concept.

Amazon Alexa Apps Development Services By The Applogy

AWS has repeatedly assisted The Applogy clients to instantly, conveniently, and precisely expand their product offerings, integrate information, and foster workplace cohesion. Along with providing step-by-step guidance, we also offer services supported by a thorough training program and motivated designers and developers committed to creating new chances. We give our customers the following:

Alexa Application Development & prototyping

Best-in-class programming skills to make quality apps

The top design approach evaluates technical issues

Agile environment to deliver quality apps in aggressive schedules

Strong Alexa architecture and selective design pattern

Customized Alexa voice service on all mobile devices

Native user interfaces with the latest programming approach

Completely Clean code development.

24-7 Customer Support

How We Develop Our Axela Apps

We are an Amazon Alexa skill development company committed to giving our customers high-quality, enterprise-grade digital products and experiences. Our app development approach is intended to make you feel supported and included from discovery through launch.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The process of creating an Amazon Alexa app must adhere to strict confidentiality standards. To ensure that your idea is completely safeguarded, we present a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the start of our collaboration.

Marketing Your App

A crucial element in your app development project's success.

Learn & Adjust

We track how users interact with your app and make the required changes to enhance its visual appeal and usability.


When the app is finished, and the client is satisfied with the outcome, we publish it.



Understanding the problem is our first step toward any successful project.


Next, we build a unique app specifically for you, and we present many themes.


In this step, our experienced Amazon Alexa app developers take your project and bring it to life.

Client Appreciation


Since I've been working with The Applogy for more than five years, the quality of their work never ceases to amaze me, both in terms of the goods and services they provide and the knowledge they have about our business.

Daniel DeFranco

CEO at Groove National Dance Competition


Since day one, they genuinely wanted to work with us to produce a successful final product that lives up to all of our expectations. They were amiable, punctual, well-organized, and skilled, and they gave us what we asked for.

Mari Aldrich Beckert

Board Secretary at Jovante Woods Foundation


The Applogy functions admirably and successfully. They were always understanding, helpful, and responsive. I was amazed at how quickly they could respond to the client's requests.

Alexandru Darie

Signify Director of Digital Innovation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The typical app development process takes 3–4 months from start to finish. More time is needed for more challenging projects. The timeline for each application, however, varies. For each customer, we create a unique scope of work that includes a project schedule.
Developing an Amazon app typically costs $35,000 to $50,000. Of course, this depends on the implementation procedure, the design, the architecture, the timeframe, the complexity (more complexity = higher price), the features, the app testing, and other elements.
With the help of the Alexa Skills Kit, developers can create experiences that integrate Alexa seamlessly into daily life.
You will only be required to pay for your mobile app in full upfront. While we work on developing your application, you will receive recurring invoices with repayment periods that depend on your project. We divide the project into stages before dividing the app's overall cost into payments.