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We create incredibly user-friendly VR and AR applications that keep the user at the center of the immersive experience.

Experienced AR/VR Software Developers Under One Roof

We are customer- and technology-obsessed. We firmly believe that technology will change the world for the better. Because of this, we invest significantly in technology training to provide our clients with cutting-edge tech ideas like augmented reality and virtual reality. All of our clients benefit from our close collaboration to comprehend their businesses, address their issues, assist them in achieving their career objectives, and create enduring partnerships. The Applogy guarantees the final product while providing continual communication and updates throughout the creation of AR/VR apps because of its reputation for high-quality products and services.




Augmented Reality

The Applogy team creates augmented reality applications that enable people to view an improved representation of the actual world on their smartphones. Augmented reality technology allows users to encounter extraterrestrial sights, sounds, and other sensory impressions. AR-related apps improve user engagement while making the experience more vivid and explicit.

Virtual Reality

The Applogy team creates a virtual reality application that lets consumers experience a more enriched representation of the actual world on their smartphones. Virtual reality technology allows users to encounter extraterrestrial sights, sounds, and other sensory impressions. AR-related apps improve user engagement while making the experience more vivid and explicit.

You Name It. We Build It.

PTC Therapeutics

PTC is a multinational biopharmaceutical firm dedicated to extending the good times for people with rare diseases and those who care about them. For young patients and their families, the Mission Duchenne Coloring and Activity app is intended to be a fun and instructive tool.

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What We Offer?

AWS has repeatedly assisted The Applogy clients to instantly, conveniently, and precisely expand their product offerings, integrate information, and foster workplace cohesion. Along with providing step-by-step guidance, we also offer services supported by a thorough training program and motivated designers and developers committed to creating new chances. We give our customers the following:

Custom AR and VR app development

VR website development

360-degree virtual games from experienced developers

Lifelike experience for customers

Eyewear app development

Facial recognition, motion tracking, and depth perception

3D spatial programming and learning

3D modeling

3D UI/UX app design

Deep learning system development

Clients Appreciation


Since I've been working with The Applogy for more than five years, the quality of their work never ceases to amaze me, both in terms of the goods and services they provide and the knowledge they have about our business.

Daniel DeFranco

CEO at Groove National Dance Competition


Since day one, they genuinely wanted to work with us to produce a successful final product that lives up to all of our expectations. They were amiable, punctual, well-organized, and skilled, and they gave us what we asked for.

Mari Aldrich Beckert

Board Secretary at Jovante Woods Foundation


The Applogy functions admirably and successfully. They were always understanding, helpful, and responsive. I was amazed at how quickly they could respond to the client's requests.

Alexandru Darie

Signify Director of Digital Innovation

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Frequently Asked Questions

The real-time integration of digital information with the user's environment is known as augmented reality (AR). Augmented reality (AR) users encounter a real-world environment with created perceptual information superimposed on top of it, as opposed to virtual reality (VR), which produces an entirely artificial environment.
Users can access a simulated experience called virtual reality (VR) by donning a headset. The person using the headgear can explore and interact with virtual reality. Depending on the application, VR might be exactly like the actual world or utterly unlike it.
The typical app development process takes 3–4 months from start to finish. More time is needed for more difficult projects. The timeline for each application, however, varies. For each customer, we create a unique scope of work that includes a project schedule.
Apps for AR and VR typically cost $35,000 to $50,000. Of course, this depends on the implementation procedure, the design, the architecture, the timeframe, the complexity (more complexity = higher price), the features, the app testing, and other elements. Today, request a free estimate for your job.
The infrastructure, intellectual property, and source code for our client's projects are all theirs.