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Get Viable CRM & ERP Solutions

ERP software that synchronizes your systems, processes, and staff.

ERP and CRM Solutions
For Your Business

Utilize The Applogy's Enterprise Resource Planning or Customer Relationship Management solutions to integrate the essential operations of your business. These innovative business software programs increase output, visibility, and effectiveness throughout the entire company. As a seamless system for managing work, our solutions combine with your existing processes for handling duties involving finance, marketing, sales, operations, and more.




Our Experience With Microsoft Dynamics Product

The Applogy provides the Microsoft Dynamics product family's deployment across a range of industries. Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Microsoft Dynamics Business Central, Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operation, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Marketing are among the products in which we have extensive experience.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Improve Your Customer Relationships

By leveraging unified data, AI-driven insights, and real-time interaction tracking, Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps you understand your customers better.

Microsoft Dynamics Business Central

Your Business Automation Processes

A cloud solution that integrates your sales, finance, and operations teams can help them react more quickly and produce outcomes while saving time, money, and labor.

Microsoft Dynamics Finance & Operations

Boost Your Business

Real-time financial reporting, embedded analytics, and artificial intelligence insights enable businesses to maximize financial visibility and profitability, control spending, and better understand their organization's health.

Dynamics 365 for Sales

Win More Business

Using Dynamics 365 for Sales, you can communicate easily, work with the right customers, increase seller productivity, create enduring partnerships, and much more.

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Enhance Consumer Experiences

Dynamics 365 for Marketing allows businesses to plan content, engage with audiences across networks, gain insightful data, and ultimately win over customers' trust.

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Offerings From Our ERP Application & CRM Services

You may evolve your company to achieve greater levels of productivity and transparency with the help of the Applogy Enterprise Resource Planning & Customer Resource Management services. We provide a variety of services, including consultancy, migration, integration, training, and managed services. Our ERP and CRM offerings are summarized here.


First, understanding your company process requires finding the best solution for you. Our team of business and technology consultants evaluates your current processes, identifies any gaps, and then recommends the platforms and solutions that are most appropriate for your company.


Our installation specialists have received training in balancing the Microsoft Dynamics family of services implementation with your organization's organizational structure, business processes, and capabilities.


A seamless connection is essential for your ERP and CRM software to be successful. The integration professionals at The Applogy are skilled in integrating your new ERP or CRM system with your existing procedures while minimizing disruption to your productivity.

Migration & Training:

Your organization's digital assets are deployed to the cloud, and your technology staff is informed about managing these resources thanks to migration and training services.

Managed Services:

You won't need to worry about keeping up with your ERP or CRM solutions with a managed services package from The App logy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The term "Enterprise Resource Management" (ERP) refers to compiling and arranging corporate data using a comprehensive software system. ERP software automates routine company processes like accounting, purchasing, project management, risk management, and supply chain management
You could require a CRM system if, among other things, you can't keep up with the lead flow, your customer data is disorganized, you can't track the activities of your sales staff, or you want to improve your customer care but don't know how. A CRM system may address all of these issues and more.
Although selecting the ideal ERP solution for your company can be challenging, we can help you with several things. Finding a solid ERP platform match requires first understanding your requirements. Then, a review and analysis of the process aid in identifying any shortcomings. Our experts will then know the ERP software that would best suit your needs.
Pricing is a significant consideration for any organization investing in an ERP system. The price can start as little as $50 per month, though it greatly depends on the kind of business, how big it is, and which Microsoft Dynamics software you choose. For more pricing information.
An ERP project's implementation typically takes between six months and two years. The length of time depends on several factors, including the business's size, the system's complexity, and many more. Find out more about the duration of the implementation of ERP.
According to industry experts, it typically takes three years or less to realize a return on investment for an ERP system.