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Custom Fitness App Development Will Help Your Business grow

Getting a valuable application for the audience will help you grow your business, whether you are a personal trainer, a gym owner, or a diet coach. With reliable fitness app solutions, our fitness application development company can support the expansion of your company.

Exercise & Fitness Apps

These programs are an excellent method to keep in shape because they have everything one needs to live a healthy lifestyle. An ideal fitness app does it all, including activity tracking and daily, weekly, and monthly workout schedules. It serves as the individual's fitness trainer and motivates them to work toward their objectives.

Applications For Diet and Nutrition

Without taking nutrition and food into account, exercise is not sufficient. Apps for tracking nutrition and diet assist in keeping track of calories, macronutrients, hydration, sleep habits, and much more. These apps can also influence your eating habits by providing individualized diet plans and recommendations to help you improve your health.

Applications For Gym

Any gym, whether it specializes in weightlifting, boxing, basketball, swimming, or martial arts training, must have an application. Any fitness business, regardless of size, can benefit from having a mobile app. You can develop a community and connect with the members using a mobile application for the gym. Due to the substantial advantages it provides to customers, and it also improves their overall experience.

Meal Plan Management

Users can create meal plans, keep a food journal, develop recipes, count calories, and exchange recipes with other users using our apps.

Coach/Trainer Profiles

Trainers can build a profile with all their information, such as their qualifications, experience, and areas of speciality. They can start competitions and plan workouts.

Workout Videos

Give the clients fitness and training videos. The client can like, comment on, and bookmark their preferred routines via the app.

Fitness Apps That Significantly Improve Your Users' Lives

The Applogy has you covered if you're seeking a business that can develop a highly effective fitness app for users. Over 200 fitness, diet, calorie-tracking, gym, and other apps have been created by our team. Call us right away!

Follow Your Fitness Goals

Set your objectives, monitor your heart rate, calculate your calorie burn, record your reps and sets, and much more.

Calorie Monitoring

Monitoring your caloric consumption, water intake, macronutrient intake, weight, objectives, and more is possible with the calorie tracking function.

Medical History & Records

Users can upload their medical histories, including information about their health conditions, ailments, allergies, etc.

Subscriptions & Memberships

On your app, users can register, subscribe to various campaigns and challenges, and submit membership applications.

Notification Alerts

Users can receive reminders regarding their mealtime, exercise routine, sleep pattern, water consumption, etc.

Rating & Review System

Users can share their experiences with other users by reviewing trainers, diet plans, and training regimens.

We Cover All Type of Industries

Our app experts create custom mobile apps as business needs.

Real Estate

A real estate app proves to be resourceful for real-estate agents as well as clients.


Make it easier for tourists to plan their travel and work out their schedule with a travel app.


We create apps for retail businesses that are great at engaging customers and increasing sales.


Make learning easy by interactive & systematic educational sessions conducted through apps.


We develop interactive, engaging, and thrilling gaming experiences with enhanced user experience.


We deliver health & fitness app solutions that focus on reducing the cost & increasing efficiency.


We develop entertainment apps that engage your users and create a significant impact on their lives.

Our Clients Love Our App Work

We receive overwhelm feedback from our clients. Here is a glimpse of some statements of our esteemed clients.

Randy Jordan

I wana let you guys working with The Applogy Mobile has been great.The team there has been really been amazing...

Larry Oien

My wife and I both have the same initials- LAO that’s the name of the old company LAO games. Once we finish the link the process of developing and getting all of perfect parts to put together...


I’m Shivantae. I just want to say thank you so much for the great presentation and explaining the different ways in which you can raise crowdfunding. You did a really phenomenal job and you’re very, very knowledgeable in that area....

Aurelie Daniel

They developed an iOS and Android responsive game for me. The gaming experience was seamless. The sounds, visuals, everything was made with perfection. I am delighted with their service and will surely hire them for my next project too. 10/10

Rosie Warner

Since day one, the experience with them has been amazing. Their app development team goes above and beyond to ensure that everything goes according to plan. I am so happy with their excellent quality and prompt service.

Andres Dwayne

For my tourism business, I had the website designed by them. The website had great features that allowed hotel booking, trip planning, ride booking, and much more. The sales and profits increased 3x after getting a website designed by The App Logy.


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