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The Applogy has a plethora of experience building modern-day and high-performing mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

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Since our company's founding in 2010, we have known that the creation of mobile apps will significantly alter how society lives, works, and play. We are now regarded as a top mobile app development business because we are customer and technology-obsessed. We make significant technical training investments to maintain our current knowledge of mobile app development in the face of the industry's continual change. We collaborate closely with our customers to comprehend their businesses and provide a unique solution that will assist them in accomplishing their professional objectives. We are pleased to witness the success of our client's mobile app development projects. We can achieve the same for you as well.

You Name It. We Build It.

We at The Applogy are known for using custom mobile app development to help businesses earn more money, save time, and accomplish more. We mix gorgeous UI design with user-centric UX to build incredibly engaging, one-of-a-kind products.


The Ohio State University

We collaborated with Engie and The Ohio State University to modernize one of the nation's most extensive educational facilities' energy usage. By 2028, this plan will undoubtedly cut energy use by up to 25%.


PTC Therapeutics

PTC is a multinational biopharmaceutical firm dedicated to extending the good times for people with rare diseases and those who care about them. For young patients and their families, the Mission Duchenne Coloring and Activity app is intended to be a fun and instructive tool.


Nationwide Insurance

The foundation of Nationwide Insurance's safety awareness program is the acclaimed Make Safe Happen app. By educating families on bicycle safety tips, our app has helped solve the approximately 550,000 bike injuries that occur each year.

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Services For All Mobile App Devices

A business problem should always be approached with various solutions. The Applogy provides hybrid iOS and Android app development services to help your business become a strong competitor in the quick-paced digital world. At The Applogy, we value the distinctive qualities that each of our clients has! With our fully customized innovations, you may select the platform, the features, and the design that works best for you.

Android app
IOS app
Hybrid app

Mobile App Features

As a mobile app development business, we aim to provide clients with products that excite users. That's why we exclusively create apps with the most advanced technological features.

Phone & Messaging

One-touch dialing in the app, notifications, alerts & sounds, text, and in-app messaging.

GPS Navigation

Real-time location tracking, routing based on the user's current location and system addresses, and mapping integration.

Video/Audio Calling

Through APIs, Twilio integration links your app to the worldwide communication network.

QR/Barcode Scanning

Integrated scanning and processing feature using the camera of the smartphone.


Touchscreen signature capture and storage are used for approvals and confirmations.

Payment Processing

Payments can easily be made within an app to links with Stripe and PayPal.

In-App Purchasing

One-touch dialing in the app, notifications, alerts & sounds, text, and in-app messaging.

Local Storage

Utilize local storage to safeguard the data in your mobile apps.

Our Non-Disclosure Agreement completely protects your concept.

Nearby Mobile App Development Services

The Applogy has several locations so that we may provide better service to our customers. Mobile app development in Columbus, Ohio, New Jersey and New York were all created particularly to meet the requirements in their respective niche markets.

How We Develop Our Apps

We are a mobile app development company committed to giving our customers high-quality, enterprise-grade digital products and experiences. Our app development approach is intended to make you feel supported and included from discovery through launch.

Non-Disclosure Agreement

The process of creating mobile apps must adhere to strict confidentiality standards. To ensure that your idea is completely safeguarded, we present a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) at the start of our collaboration.

Your App

We set up social media profiles, a Google business page, and a splash page. Campaigns can also be run using social media, email, and other channels.

Learn &

We track how users interact with your app and make the required changes to enhance its visual appeal and usability.


We upload the app to the App Store or Google Play Store once it is finished and the client is satisfied with the result.



Every effective endeavor begins with thoroughly comprehending the current issue. You create a project blueprint to provide a firm basis for success.


Next, we develop a distinctive design specifically for your mobile app. You can choose from a variety of layouts and themes that we offer.


The task is then transferred to our skilled mobile app developers, who create your app.

Technologies For Mobile App Development

Our mobile app developers take part in regular training sessions to stay up to date on all the newest languages and frameworks for iOS and Android. As a mobile app development firm, we continue to provide a wide selection of application technologies so that we are ready for any tasks that may come our way.


  • Swift
  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • SQLite
  • React Native
  • Android Studio
  • Objective-C/C++
  • Core Data

Tools &

  • Xcode
  • Testflight
  • Mockingbird
  • ARkit
  • RxJava
  • Retrofit
  • Room
  • Dagger

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile app typically takes three to four months to develop. More sophisticated undertakings demand more time. The timeline for each application, however, varies. For each customer, we create a unique scope of work that includes a project schedule.
The typical price range for developing a mobile app is $35,000–$50,000. Naturally, this depends on the implementation procedure, design, architectures, timing, complexity (more complexity = greater price), features, app testing, and other elements.
When you have an app idea, the next thing you should do is sign a non-disclosure agreement. During the Discovery phase, we will then deeply grasp your business problem. After that, the concept is given to our imaginative thinkers for the Design stage. Your app will then be developed and deployed across all required platforms. A committed project lead backs every step of the app development process.
You will only be required to pay for your mobile app in full upfront. While we work on developing your application, you will receive recurring invoices with repayment periods that depend on your project. We divide the project into stages before dividing the app's overall cost into payments.
The infrastructure, intellectual property, and source code for our client's projects are theirs.
It's crucial to look at your target audience and consider their geographic and demographic makeup when determining whether to design an Android or iOS app. Android can be your best option if you're trying to reach a global audience. However, Apple might be better if your target market is in Western Europe or North America. However, creating an app for both iOS and Android will help your product gain more traction.