Maintain Your Competitive Advantage With An Automated Fleet System

Manage your fleet, reduce costs, and increase productivity by having complete control over the cars, driver activity, and fuel usage with an automated fleet system tailored to your company's needs by the top provider of fleet management software.

FlT Companies

A fleet management system is the ideal solution for transportation and logistics organizations that wish to automate fleet operations, including truck management, driver management, vehicle navigation in crowded locations, asset tracking, and thorough reporting! Operations are frictionless, and management is simple.

Logistics & Transporation

An integrated fleet management solution may make your business run more smoothly, whether you're searching for one for your shipping or maritime industry or your flight/aviation firm. Thanks to it, you can manage routine tasks and communicate with the captains and crew members.

Integration Of GPS

The Applogy's app developers have developed original tactics to boost a company's online visibility through applications since they know app development's impact on digital marketing. The administrators can track the fleet in real-time thanks to GPS integration in the fleet management software.

Track Orders & Drivers

Through our geolocation track system, you can track where the drivers and the package delivery are at all times. Watch their behavior and keep an eye on the delivery schedules.

Management Of Fuel

Keep track of fuel consumption and cut costs by monitoring it regularly.

Vehicle Inspection

Verify that all vehicles are in excellent condition by inspecting them and keeping an inspection diary.

App Solutions to Boost Your Fleet Management System

We apply our expertise in GPS fleet management systems and software engineering to better assist our clients in managing their fleets of vehicles. We help fleet management companies create tracking solutions that encourage innovation and streamline processes.

GPS Integration

Our dynamic maps allow drivers to find the easiest and hassle-free routes ensuring timely delivery.

Assigning Work

Through our fleet management tools, you can give work to the drivers, and you can track their output.

User Management

Using their mobile numbers, emails, or social networking profiles, users can create accounts on the app.


The admin can monitor traffic, leads, conversions, and statistics thanks to our dashboarding system.

Rating &
Review System

The best marketing tools are testimonials and referrals from customers. Customers can leave reviews and ratings on your interactive apps to share their experiences with others.


By activating push notifications and giving consumers helpful information, you may provide the audience with a customized experience.

We Cover All Type of Industries

Our app experts create custom mobile apps as business needs.

Real Estate

A real estate app proves to be resourceful for real-estate agents as well as clients.


Make it easier for tourists to plan their travel and work out their schedule with a travel app.


We create apps for retail businesses that are great at engaging customers and increasing sales.


Make learning easy by interactive & systematic educational sessions conducted through apps.


We develop interactive, engaging, and thrilling gaming experiences with enhanced user experience.


We deliver health & fitness app solutions that focus on reducing the cost & increasing efficiency.


We develop entertainment apps that engage your users and create a significant impact on their lives.

Our Clients Love Our App Work

We receive overwhelm feedback from our clients. Here is a glimpse of some statements of our esteemed clients.

Randy Jordan

I wana let you guys working with The Applogy Mobile has been great.The team there has been really been amazing...

Larry Oien

My wife and I both have the same initials- LAO that’s the name of the old company LAO games. Once we finish the link the process of developing and getting all of perfect parts to put together...


I’m Shivantae. I just want to say thank you so much for the great presentation and explaining the different ways in which you can raise crowdfunding. You did a really phenomenal job and you’re very, very knowledgeable in that area....

Aurelie Daniel

They developed an iOS and Android responsive game for me. The gaming experience was seamless. The sounds, visuals, everything was made with perfection. I am delighted with their service and will surely hire them for my next project too. 10/10

Rosie Warner

Since day one, the experience with them has been amazing. Their app development team goes above and beyond to ensure that everything goes according to plan. I am so happy with their excellent quality and prompt service.

Andres Dwayne

For my tourism business, I had the website designed by them. The website had great features that allowed hotel booking, trip planning, ride booking, and much more. The sales and profits increased 3x after getting a website designed by The App Logy.


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